Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Groundlings

Wow. I laughed harder at the Groundlings show last night than I have for a long, long time.

The show is all improvisational comedy, with the audience being prompted for certain things at the beginnings of the two "acts," such as "Name something that you do with your hands," and "Name an interesting bumper sticker that you've seen recently." Once the group has two or three ideas, they go on to create a story trying to utilize the themes that they have been given.

For example, the bumper sticker that the person in the audience spoke up about was, "Well behaved women seldom make history." This led to a series of skits which featured a young Susan B. Anthony in the early stages of her marriage. At one point her "husband" made a remark to a group of people that were displeased with young Susan that, "We B. Anthonys are a good people," which was a pretty funny line in its own right, but then somebody spoke up, as if to correct him by saying, "We ARE Anthonys are good people."

All in all, it was a hilarious evening, and well worth the drive, especially since ticket prices were only ten bucks a piece and the gf was paying. I know that they are more expensive on weekends, but I think that that's due to the fact that they frequently have guest stars come in and work with them. According to the website, a couple of weeks ago, they had Lisa Kudrow of Friends fame come in.

My only caveat is that there was a good deal of swearing and some fairly adult situations, so it might be best to leave the kiddies at home. Other than that, I cannot emphasize how funny that group of people was. You should go check them out.

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Thany said...

Ooooh jealous, jealous!
I am so glad you had fun and thank you for the stellar report.

And yes, the gf rocks!