Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How the Audition Made Me Nervous

Let me tell you what I expected last night. I expected to walk into a room where there was one piano player who I did not know and two to four people with an average age of 45.

What I got was one piano player I kind of know, but didn't know if he knew me, and one 24-25 year old attractive female.

It was at this point that I reconsidered singing the song, "Where Is the Life that Late I Led" from Kiss Me, Kate, largely due to the fact that it included the lines,

"I've oft been told
Of nuptial bliss,
But what do you do,
At quarter to two,
with only a shrew to kiss."

For what it's worth, I sang the song pretty well, but I'm disappointed that, due to nervousness, I found myself shifting around a little bit from time to time.

Oh well. We'll see what happens.

If this were myspace, I would put that my mood was excited.


Red Riding Hood said...

Great song! Just watched Kiss My Kate this weekend. Love the "I Hate Men" scene ;)

Analyst Catalyst said...

I've never seen it, but I really like the music.

This is the one that also has, "Brush Up Your Shakespeare," right?

Red Riding Hood said...

Yes! Brush up your Shakespeare, has to be one of the best songs, and so well done!! I was watching the behind the scenes for Kiss Me Kate (how sad am I?) and there was an interview with James Whitmore, one of the guys who 'sings' (sing-talks) that song. He and Keenan Wynn weren’t singers or dancers, at all (though Keenan Wynn was later in Finnian’s Rainbow with Fred Astaire (which was directed by Francis Ford Coppola and whose production assistant was little George Lucas) where he ends up singing and dancing in an African American a capella group (great story)) so instead of practicing dancing like the choreographer wanted them to do, they spent the entire rehearsal month playing ping-pong. When the day came for the director to see that scene, the choreographer was sure this was going to be the day they were all fired, and he told Wynn and Whitmore that. They went through the entire song sing-talking, attempting to dance, and bumbling all over each other. By the end of the performance they were waiting for the shit to hit the fan, but of course, the director loved it. He took them all aside and said it was obvious they practiced daily for hours. Since it’s impossible to dance that poor without having it down perfectly to begin with! At that point Wynn spoke up saying it was all to do with their choreographer, he was such a slave driver and wouldn’t let them get away with anything. He should all of the credit of their success.
I'm sure your audition went great!