Friday, August 25, 2006

Pluto No Longer a Planet

And, in the saddest news of all from the last couple of days, scientists have decided that Pluto is no longer a planet.

This is sad for school children, as I imagine that Pluto, being a cartoon dog, is one of the favorite planets. I imagine that this is also a sad day for the ancient Greeks or Romans (one of them, I'm not sure which) as Pluto was their god of the underworld.

Although it's slightly off-topic, I will not stoop to making Uranus jokes, as this is a classy site, and one that, I imagine, upper-class British people read while they are drinking tea and talking about the gold exchange rates, and I wouldn't want to offend them.

However, what I would like to do is to point out that I, as I am sure we all do, feel a little bit smaller knowing that there is one less planet in our solar system.

I mean, it even has its own moon! What are the scientists even looking for? I say, if anything has its own moon, it should be a planet.

I will again avoid the obvious Uranus joke.

That is all.


Thany said...

**A Moment of Silence for the Non-Planet Pluto**

And what a noble person you are, AC.
I shall now return to my American version of high class living: salsa, tortilla chips and a cold can of Diet Coke.

Varsity Loser said...
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Varsity Loser said...

You said Uranus, hehe.