Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Why I Will Be Punished

I was recently at 7-11 purchasing something to imbibe. I brought my purchase to the counter, and I started to pay with my debit card.

Everything was going smoothly. As I swiped my debit card, I marveled at how simple it was to pay for things without actually having any money.

Unfortunately, my daydream came crumbling down when she grabbed the receipt to rip it off and give it to me, and the printer broke open. She tried to fix it for nearly a minute, during which time she employed the time honored fixing techniques of the forcibly closing as well as the age old technique of hitting. She was unhappy with the machine, and rightfully so.

During this time, I stood there politely and waited.

She did finally get the machine put back together, at which point she tore the receipt off and handed it to me.

I said thanks, and I proceeded to walk out of the store. As I was leaving, I saw a trash can, and, without even thinking, took the receipt and threw it away.

It wasn't until I was all the way outside that I stopped, realized what I had done, and said aloud, "Dude, you're a jerk."


superaustin said...

You are a jerk. Jerk.

Thany said...

Aww, Duuuuuuuuuuude.

thesmallblondeone said...

Yeah, I was thinking as I was reading the part of you standing in line for the receipt, "Who the heck gets receipts at 7-11?" I don't think I've ever even been offered my receipt there.