Tuesday, August 22, 2006

On a Much Less Somber Note

Madden 2007 comes out today for PS2.

Although video games have caused me personal harm in the past, I have to say that I stand waiting slightly slack jawed, as if to suggest that my IQ is in a dead heat with the IQ of a turnip, and with only half as much personality.

From what I've seen, the graphics are amazing. The players even react and move differently than one another, based on how the actual people move in real life.

I mean, there was even a pay-per-view special the other day based entirely on this game.

How can I not purchase it?

Wait a minute...I can't help but feel that I'm believing the hype, and as my old friend AC always says, I shouldn't believe the hype.

Oh well. Bestbuy.com, here I come!


superaustin said...

Sometimes it's okay to believe the hype. Unless it's about a video game. Wait, were you talking about a video game? Aw, hell no, AC. Don't you go believin' that ol' hype up in heyah. Thaz the man tryin' to seperate you from your hard earned benjamins, yo. Dawg. Bling. Izzle.

Analyst Catalyst said...

Oh no! Not the Man! I hate the Man!

Thug Life 4evr!