Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Mormon Church Is Concerned About Expenses

This is the big church that I live by. It is amazingly white, and really quite pointy. The two highest points of the church feature either what I believe to be a solid gold statue of an angel or a solid gold point.

It is a beautiful structure, and, in my opinion, one of the greatest pieces of architecture in the San Diego area.

What I find interesting about this building is that when I come home after a show at midnight or so, the building is not lit on the outside. Where I would expect to be spotlights declaring the magnificence of t his building, this huge, amazing monument stands clouded in darkness.

Why is this? I would think that if I were in control of something so breathtaking, I would want the whole world to see it in all of its grandeur, even late at night.

The only logical explanation that I can think of is that they are concerned with the lack of electricity during the summer months or with the expenses associated therewith.

I'm just really surprised that they don't light it up.

Does anybody else have any theories why? I will also accept theories on how they keep the building so white.

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momsennatsirk said...

I think it is because when it is dark at night people in skintight black spandex throw grappling hooks over the pointy parts and climb up and down so they can chip off tiny parts of Moroni's gold plate to cash in to feed their families during the daytime. They can't ake too much at once because someone would notice. You just happen to be driving by the few minutes the Spandex People switch the lights off...don't stare at them for too long or they may follow you home!