Friday, August 04, 2006

Happy Friday

I cannot tell you all how happy I am that today is Friday. I cannot get to the supposed Island of Relaxation that is the weekend soon enough.

Ever since the moving debacle of Monday night, I just haven't been able to catch up on my sleep. It got so bad yesterday at work, that come about three o'clock, I had to just go out to my car and zonk out.

This weekend will also feature the closing of Snoopy!!! While I will miss hanging out with people in the cast, I certainly will not miss all of the drama (pun intended) that went along with this production. Another upside is that, following the opening of Godspell next week, I will have a few free nights a week to just relax.

I don't know what I'll do with all my free time. Maybe I'll go get a part time job so that I won't get lazy. Ooh, or maybe I'll go to the gym so that I can lose weight and become a leading man type; you know, short, bald, and handsome. My new place is right by Jamba Juice, so perhaps I could go back on my Jamba Juice diet that I tried to amazing results for about a week earlier this year.

I love the shows, don't get me wrong, but it's going to be nice to not have to be going sixteen hours a day. Also, it will certainly be nice to spend some of that free time with my sweetie!


superaustin said...


Analyst Catalyst said...

And you, SuperAustin, have won the contest.

What size shirt would you like, sir?

The gf said...

OooooOoooo... I never saw that coming!!! Superaustin winning, I mean.

Thany said...

Darn it! I totally thought I was giving SuperAustin a run for his money for awhile too! Drat! Of course it happened on the day I decided to let my kids out of the house and into the sunshine. Oh well. :)

bradford said...

I installed the graphics at the La Jolla Jamba - I remember it as one of the original Juice Clubs. The signage at Horton Plaza was so inspirational then. Enjoy your new stage (place).

Saint Me said...

Smells like something was rigged to me.

superaustin said...

Hmm... XL tends to be a safe bet. I love being a winner!

Analyst Catalyst said...

Yeah, I was surprised that you didn't win it too, Thany! You had been consistantly posting first for the last week or so.

Bradford, thanks for stopping by! I haven't been over to that Jamba yet, but I'll give it a shot.

Saint Me, nothing was rigged. Yeah, nothing was rigged at all.