Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My First Night

I spent my first night sleeping at the new place.

I must say, though, that last night, as I stopped by the gf's apartment to pick up some stuff that she had been keeping for me, I looked up at what was my old apartment, and, for a second, I missed it. Not because it was such a great place or had such amazing amenites, but rather because it was my first apartment, and it had therefore been where I lived during an important time in my life.

I have spent over two years in that place. Two years of different roommates and messes, and two years of friends and coziness. Two years of various jobs, and two years of money spent.

However, as I woke up at the new place this morning, and I again realized that, yes, I, in fact, do live in what can only really be described accurately as heaven in apartment form, I knew that it was all for the best.

Goodbye Cobblestone Park. You were good to me.

P.S. This should be the last terribly boring post about moving. While there may be further posts about the new place, those should be tittilating and riveting.


Thany said...

hee said riveting.

Glad you are in the new place and it seems to be free of piggies.

superaustin said...

I approve of the new layout. Much better than that creepy old boat.

Analyst Catalyst said...

Thany, you're so funny...and...Riveting. :)

Supes, thanks. I like it, but it may be a bit too somber for the site in general. We'll see.

Red Riding Hood said...

LOVE the layout!

Analyst Catalyst said...

Yeah, the giant pig picture kind of takes away any seriousness of the above picture.

Glad you like it!

Thany said...

The layout is awesome although I never found the boat creepy. It does look very "look at my new flat in Paris" you know??

Red Riding Hood said...

I would just like to say a random thank you. I'm having a tough day today. And I know that I can always go to this page and laugh. It's very refreshing. So...thank you.

Anonymous said...

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