Monday, August 07, 2006

Something to Think About

When I was a kid, my mom used to wake me up for school in a somewhat peculiar way. She would come in, maybe rub my back a little bit, and then she would say, "It's time to think about getting up."

I took this as an opportunity for choice. Even as a little kid, I understood that there was a linguistic difference between, "It's time to get up," and "It's time to think about getting up."

As kind as she was to wake me up in such a non-alarm clock way, I, being the smart alec, would lie there for a minute and think, "Hmm. Should I get up? I'd rather be asleep. I think that I'll go back to sleep." I would then proceed to do so.

Let's just say that the next time my mom came back to check that I had gotten up, the morning salutation was not quite as pleasant as the first. As much as I would try to explain to my mother that I had thought very seriously and conscientiously about getting up, my semantic arguments would fall on deaf ears.

So then I'd be in the shower, grumbling to myself, "She said 'think'! What does everybody even want from me?"


Red Riding Hood said...

You were completely justified to be baffled. Moms can be very unclear at times.
I have similar conversations with myself when told, yes told, to get up in the morning. My husband has learned it's best not to give me any options, but I still manage the discussion that goes like this….”uggggghhhh….sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep!”
And then I promptly fall back to sleep, often without any interruption in whatever dream I am having.

Analyst Catalyst said...

That is awesome that you can go back to the same dream. Whenever I get woken up, I can't seem to ever get back to a good dream; conversely, if I'm having a bad dream, no matter how many time I wake up in the middle of the night, I can't seem to shake it.