Friday, March 31, 2006


Now I know the above title will probably draw some search results from illiterate perverts, but I figure that even they should know about this too. The only surviving miner from the West Virginia coal mining accident from a couple of months ago is out of his coma and at home, relaxing with his wife a kids.

I think that saying that this man is very fortunate is kind of like saying France hasn't responded well to foreign invasions for the last hundred years: a drastic understatement. But let me just say that when something like this does happen in real life, that is, a person overcomes incredible odds and somehow makes it out all right, it kind of makes me think that somehow, no matter how well or how lousy my little life may be going, everything will work out, and that there are bigger forces at work in this world than my little pea brain can fathom anyways.

The news report speaks of it as a resurrection, which is timely considering the proximity to Easter. I'm sure that he realizes the value of his own life now much more than before. I pray that we all learn a lesson from these circumstances. Every day has value; every day is a new beginning. I hope we all can love to be alive again, even fleetingly, because life is a phenomal gift, and one that we should not take for granted as often as we do.

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