Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Whoever it was that invented eight o'clock meetings needs to be taken out into the street and made to suffer for it.

The problem with these meetings is that they are at the very start of your day. Normally with meetings, you can come in, get a few things done, and then go to the meeting. No big whoop.

But meetings at eight in the morning have you worried the day before. You're like, "I need to be early; I can't look like a doof at this meeting. I should should get in and get some work done proactively, while working to come up with a better working paradigm for my working processes." It should be noted that that last sentence makes perfect sense as the longer you work in an office, the more you start thinking in buzzwords.

And then, when you get to the meeting, everybody's like, "Why did we call this meeting so early anyway?" And all you can do is just sit there smugly and think about how right you were about posting on your blog about the evils of early morning meetings.

Update: Meeting completed? Check
No additional workload, as of yet? Check

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