Thursday, June 22, 2006

An Intervention

If something had actually happened last night, I might call it divine intervention.

As readers of this site know, rehearsals for the show that I'm in have been getting a little tense, and by a little tense, I mean that I would sometimes rather be hitting myself in the junk with a hammer than to go to practice. As an example, rehearsal ended for the director the other night when he just kind of got up and left an hour early, which left the cast and crew just sitting there thinking about what exactly we needed to do now.

However, in the spirit of peace, we all decided to have a conversation at rehearsal last night to voice our concerns about how the director treated certain members of the cast. This ended with the cast having a deeper understanding of where the director was coming from.

Unfortunately, he did not ever apologize for what he had done, which I think is kind of what we all expected him to do.

Let me just say, to his credit, that the director is not really a bad guy; he just makes some really poor choices as far as how to respond when he feels threatened. He brought up some familial excuses that said that he, like Jessica Rabbit, was not bad, but that he was just drawn that way.

I think we all have reacted poorly before, which, while not giving him the liberty to react that way, certainly makes me understand where he is coming from.

It should be noted that the meeting last night, was held, in part, to determine whether or not he should stay on as director. I think largely because our show opens a week from today that we kept him on.

I think we all thought that he would come out and admit that he had been in the wrong, but he didn't. He pointed fingers. He said the cast member that he got tense with pushed and pushed and pushed, which I think everyone else in the cast disagrees with, unless, of course, you count asking incredibly reasonable questions pushing.

My concern is that we didn't really fix anything. My concern is that, come our next rehearsal, the director is going to get on the actress's case, and the rest of the cast is going to blow up. My concern is that we just kind of put a tablecloth on a bomb so that we wouldn't have to look at it, but it could still go off at any time.

I find myself blindly wishing that it will get better. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Maybe we can get some divine intervention. Maybe we can all just get along.

I'm holding my breath and crossing my fingers.


FlippingChipmunk said...

Good luck with that. It's amazing how some people just single out another & are just cruel to them.

FlippingChipmunk said...

Maybe he's a bit bi-polar? Or maybe for some reason, he & this actress have had a past? Or he made a pass at her & she turned him down?

Analyst Catalyst said...

He actually just called me and apologized for his part of whatever had gone on, and he wanted to let me know that anything that had happened had nothing to do with me.

So that's good to know! We'll see how it goes with the actress, though.

FlippingChipmunk said...