Monday, June 19, 2006

Blank Notebooks

Usually when I go to a bookstore, something catches my eye. Oftentimes it's a book that I've looked at before, and when I see it again, my mind runs through the pros and cons of actually purchasing it. The largest con being that my room is already full of books.

However, and this is something that only happens every seven or eight months or so, sometimes I find myself looking at the blank notebooks. To me, they represent possibility. Whether that possibility is writing the great American novel or simply taking down quick notes and observations throughout the day varies each time that I look at them.

The biggest problem with blank notebooks, is that I already own several that have been filled with the best intentions for a week or several, but they eventually find themselves gathering dust in a forgotten corner of my room. However, the blank notebook's appeal is that it's a new start. It's an opportunity to say to yourself, "All those other ones failed, but this one will succeed. This time I will follow through and be a better person, a different person."

It's the magic of possibility that in a world where many important decisions have already been made and acted on, I can have a fresh start. And, at the average price tag of $12.95, that's quite a deal indeed.


Thany said...

Yes. Yes. Amen and preach it my Notebook Brother. David long ago abandoned the idea of trying to reform me from the compusive purchasing of blank notebooks. It was a wise decision on his part.

Red Riding Hood said...

Important question:
Do your blank notebooks have lines in them? There is no right or wrong answer to this question (yes there is).

Analyst Catalyst said...

Excellent, Thany. It is good to see that I am not alone in the world. Further, it is good to see that if not a proper convert to the notebook world, you have your husband acquiescing to your purchases of them.

Red Riding Hood, I will either purchase them lineless, or the type that looks like tiny graph paper. It is also reasonably important to me that they can lie open with me having to hold them.

The only exception is that sometimes I purcharse, for nostalgia's sake, line paper that comes in one of those black and white splotchy "Composition" notebooks. Those are cool to me for some reason.

Did I answer correctly?

Red Riding Hood said...

Quite Adequate! Lines are good and notebooks that lay flat are the best!!

superaustin said...

Have you heard the rumblings that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp may be puhing forward with the Sweeny Todd movie?

Does this excite Mr. Catalyst?

Analyst Catalyst said...

No, I have not heard anything of the sort! The last that I had heard, it was going to be put together by that guy who directed Sin City.

Mr. Catalyst is very excited!