Thursday, June 08, 2006

Blogger Might Post Now

First, I really like Blogger, especially as a free service, and so I will not complain about the outages. I can only hope that they can get whatever the problem is that has been keeping just about everyone from posting worked out so that it can continue to be a wonderful resource to bloggers around the world.

Secondly, if you're looking to infuriate me, here are three easy steps.

1) Be a customer of our company since 2003.

2) Receive all of the email and hard copies of the invoices we have been sending you since that time, and

3) In June of 2006, ask me to re-email you all of your invoices.

Let me give some backstory. Normally when customers request invoices, they only want a month or two, and so although the process of emailing is kind of tedious and time consuming, it's over relatively quickly. It should be noted that because of how the different programs inter-relate on our work computers, it's very difficult to do anything else regarding my job during the time that I am emailing the invoices, making requests for emailed invoices the work equivalent of a traffic jam, only I don't have anything to honk. Well, I guess I could honk something, but I think that that would just be inappropriate for work. (What? I keep a clown horn at my desk. What are you thinking about, sicko?)

So, when you multiply the slight irritation and discomfort of emailing one invoice by about, oh, forty or so, it kind of makes me want to shoot myself in the face. And while this might not seem like, in the long run, it would make a big difference to the customer, I am sure that I would still get calls demanding invoices, and then I'd be like, "I'd like to get that out for you, but I can't. I SHOT MYSELF IN THE FACE."

Now that all of you know how to infuriate me, I can only expect that it will occur more frequently. It was probably not a good idea to post my Achilles' heel in so public of a place. Hmm...I can only hope most of you reading this don't fall under rule number 1 above.

Also, and entirely unrelatedly, I should add that I get to sing the National Anthem for an alternate league baseball team this evening. It should be noted that they are not paying, but I do receive free tickets to the game.

Free tickets?!?! Can life get better? I submit that it cannot.

So, if any of you are in the San Diego area tonight, you should swing by Tony Gwynn Stadium for the San Diego Surf Dawgs game. Come on down! It'll be a hoot!


Thany said...

I tried all afternoon to say cool things to you about singing the National Anthem and wondering if the gf could film it for all of the rest of us to view online at a later date. I even included something witty about how I wasn't going to say mean things about Blogger either...but I had to stop trying to post when Blogger kept timing out, kicking me off or losing my comments.

I don't blame you, AC. For you are a delight.

thesmallblondeone said...

Way to throw Brian Regan into the conversation there.

Take luck!

Analyst Catalyst said...

Thany, thanks very much for trying to leave comments. That day was a very frustrating day to be a blogger.

Smallblondeone, have the luck you take!