Thursday, June 15, 2006


This show is a remarkable experience for me, because it is really forcing me to grow as an actor, and this is why: dogs and humans can't talk to one another. That is to say, I don't get to talk to any of the other characters, although I do get to have some interraction with Woodstock, but this is mostly one-sided as well since Woodstock doesn't talk.

I was a little stressed out about the show a couple of days ago, and the gf pointed out to me that one of my strongest points as an actor is how well I relate with and to other people on stage. With this show having basically none of this, and with Snoopy being a huge extrovert, I find myself perplexed about how to proceed.

However, my personal suckage aside, the show is going to be incredible. Everyone in the show is so terrific, and everyone is coming together to such an extent, that this show will likely stay in my memory as one of the greatest experiences of my life.

What's funny is that when I was a kid, when it got down to the last performance of whatever show I was in, I would tend to cry, because it was then that it really struck home with me that these amazing experiences could not continue forever. For better or for worse, I more or less grew out of that. However, with as much fun as this show is, I kinda think that something similar will happen at the end of this one.

Wow. Two posts in a row where I referenced crying. What is going on here?

Join us next time for: A Little More Testosterone.

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