Monday, June 05, 2006

Clown College

I found out yesterday that the new President of the college that I graduated from has been fired after only having the position for a year.

This poses two hypothetical situations about the school. One is that it almost seems like the Chancellor (who is really the man with the power, if we're all going to be honest about it) has it in for the school, and that he would like to see it fail. It's either that, or else he thinks that the administration of a college is like a magic potion; one can keep adding ingredients and the new ingredients will eventually overpower the mistakes of the older ones.

Now, while that might work for magic potions, I'm pretty sure that's a good way to ruin a recipe for food. (Hmm...that's a little too much garlic...what can I use to fix that? about two pounds of butter...mmm...these are going to be the best hot dogs ever!)

In my opinion, I feel like the perpetual lack of a central, strong, leading figure at my alma mater (other than the chancellor [aka pastor of the church] who has threatened to fire staff members who speak poorly about him for what has happened) is going to lead to its ruination.

I understand that several students who were set to return are already planning on transferring, due largely to this issue. While that may not seem like a huge deal, when your school only has several hundred students, losing several is a large chunk of revenue, and not having enough money is the biggest problem that the school faces.

But, I suppose that I am pretty far removed from the situation. Perhaps, as Judas sings in Godspell, it's all for the best. I can't help but have my doubts, though.


Analyst Catalyst said...

An Addendum: technically, he was allowed to resign, but essentially, he was fired.

The gf said...

If they keep changing things, outlook is doubtful that in a few years we'll even have an alma mater. Looks like our best bet at this point is to do what we should have done in the first place - go to a real college and get real degrees.

beloved said...

But, on the up side, this could eliminate that nasty guilty feeling that inevitably accompanies the decision not to donate money to the alma mater in question. And, being the graduated species of alumnus, at least we don't have sell our first-born to get credit transfer.
(put on a happy face...)

Red Riding Hood said...

I don't have anything positive to say so I'm not going to say anything. But I just wanted to let you know that I was saying "nothing" deliberately and it wasn't that I just didn't have anything to say. It's just that what I have to say isn't positive so I shouldn't say it. But now that I've said it isn't positive I guess that is saying something negative which defeats my whole point of being above it all. Who am I kidding.

Lord, please protect me from your followers (and myself)!

Analyst Catalyst said...

Beloved, it's true that now I won't have to feel guilty about giving money, but most of the money asking letters I get are from the music department, and with one glaring exception, they mostly did me right.

Red Riding Hood, I appreciate your silently thinking along the same lines.

Red Riding Hood said...

Did you see the myspace string about the subject?