Tuesday, June 20, 2006

An Enigma

When you see something going on that you know isn't right, do you speak up?

I ask because last night at rehearsal there was something of an, how do I put this delicately, inappropriate and demeaning series of comments to another cast member in front of the rest of the cast. There was an analysis of rehearsal choices made that was such that you would not hear it in polite company.

The effect was so great, that the target wanted to quit.

I, because I am a chicken, did what the rest of the cast did: silently looked to the ground and hoped that we would not be the target of this in the future.

Would you have spoken up? Said something? Or just tried to wait out the next two weeks until we get to performances?


superaustin said...

I would've punched the offender square in the nethers.

Not really. I would've looked at my shoes for a long while, then, later, I would've thought about how I should've punched the offender in the nethers. I tend to be the guy who really hates injustice, but never really seems to do anything about it but fret.

I, too, am chicken.

Red Riding Hood said...

I am a chicken, and probably would have cried. When people are yelled at, I don't handle that well. And then I'd try to find the person to see if they are ok. And get them drunk so they could forget all their problems.

Yeah probably not the wisest thing to do.

Thany said...

Sigh...oh AC I am so so so very sorry. I think that I would-like my sister Red-would be a chicken. I would most definitely be a friend to the person so unjustly spoken to. Make them laugh and smile in your own special, AC style. I would, of course, wish I had the guts to speak up to the offending person. I know people who can admonish in a manner that is respectful and also firm...it is an enviable trait.

FlippingChipmunk said...

It depends. If it was the director making the comments, then I would have not said anything until after the fact. If it was just some other cast member I probably would have said something.

Analyst Catalyst said...

And it didn't help that last night, he walked out with an hour left of rehearsal saying curtly, "Good night, everyone. See you later," which no one had anticipated, and none of us knew what to do.

We continued to practice, however, and we got some of our stuff a little bit tighter.

I just don't get it. I think that we all like the guy, but we just don't understand why he reacts the way that he does. It's weird.