Friday, June 30, 2006

An Open Letter to the Man Who Walks Down Washington

Dear sir,

Invariably as I drive to work in the mornings, I find you walking on the sidewalk of the street that I take, and I notice that your clothes are slightly dirty and disheveled. It is evident that you make a whole-hearted attempt to appear presentable, but it is also evident that you may not have the means to pull that task off.

Further, I notice that you are always walking. I never see you waiting for a bus, or even really just standing there. You are perpetually moving.

Based primarily on the first observation above, I suspect that you are either homeless or else, live in a place that is very inexpensive where the landlords treat you like dirt.

Why do I bring you up? The answer is that despite what I imagine your circumstances to be, I find that you are always smiling. It would appear that you are finding joy in the, perhaps, little that is afforded to you by your present lot in life.

Sir, I like your style, and, though I suspect that you will likely never read this, you are a little part in what keeps me going day after day. If you can be apparently happy and content in your life, than I certainly should be able to be in my own.

Thank you, sir, for smiling.

Yours truly,


FlippingChipmunk said...

That was a nice post. Maybe you should try to talk to him. Just tell him that you see him frequently, but that it really touches you how he always seems happy.

Yes, I am that cheesy. And no, I don't actually want you to do that. He might really have a gun/knife.

Analyst Catalyst said...

The thought occurred to me to talk with him, honestly.

My only concern is that he is maybe not happy all the time, but is, in fact, just crazy all the time, which would leave your gun/knife scenario as a very plausible outcome.

I prefer to think of him as happy, though.

:: mandy :: said...

Beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

No no. I'm not crazy or happy. I just smile to confuse people.

Man Who Walks Down Washington