Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm doing an experiment

I've decided to go on a Jamba Juice diet for a week. The premise is remarkably similar to the Slim-Fast diet: a Jamba Juice for breakfast and lunch (with at least one of them being one of their new low-calorie ones and usually the other one being Strawberry Surf-Rider...mmm...) and then a reasonable amount of just about whatever I want for dinner.

I figure it can't kill me to try it for a week. I'll keep the results posted.

Yesterday, I weighed myself at the gym and weighed 256 lbs. This is down from the 261 that I weighed at the beginning of January, but I attribute most of that weight lost to having a cold in January and not having very much of an appetite.

The gym weight is my weight with clothes but without shoes, and it's my weight at night, so this is running contrary to my mother's advice of always weighing in the morning as that is when you are lightest. We'll see what I weigh tomorrow.

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