Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Experiment 2

The Jamba Juice diet is going well, although my zeal for the deliciosity of said beverage is waning a bit. My attititude has changed from "DELICIOUS" to "DELICIOUS--but do you realize that you're mostly just eating liquid? That's right, eating liquid...I know it sounds dumb." I feel like I've lost weight though, and my clothes already fit me a little better. There has been no chance to re-weigh though, since I haven't been back to the gym I was at on Monday; I went to a different location of the gym yesterday. It has been my experience that the scales from gym to gym are calibrated differently, and this is a scientific experiment: the data must be precise.

My biggest problem with dieting in general though, is the fact that I just love to eat. Sweet foods, salty foods, sweet and salty foods and so on all have a place in my heart (which is apparently in the arteries). Perhaps I do eat too much; I am sometimes concerned that Kevin Spacey's character from SE7EN will cease being fictional and come and make me a pasta that I can't refuse. Food is a wonderful treat for me.

I love preparing it:

I love cooking it:

I love smelling it:

And I love eating it:

To conclude this nonsense with your obvious questions, 1) Yes, at my house the stove magically appears after food preparation, 2) Yes, I prefer to cook with a giant mushroom on my head, and 3) Yes, it is my preference that all food that I prepare be amorphous blobs.

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