Monday, February 27, 2006

An Unoriginal Idea

Let me just say that the following is not my idea; I read about it in somebody else's blog. But let me just say that it brings me great joy and personal fulfillment that when I receive advertisements for credit cards, I then take those advertisements and place them in the return envelope provided and mail it back without filling it out. That way, the credit card company is paying to junk mail themselves.

They charge people an obscene amount of interest; the least I can do is confuse the crap out of some poor schmo in the mail room.


Anonymous said...

Here Here!!! Or is it Hear Hear!!!? I suppose it depends on what you want people to do... In any case, good work.

Analyst Catalyst said...

I would love to play at your wedding. That'd be great, although I'm gonna have to hunt down a bass that works. Is George game?

Anonymous said...

I believe he is. And if he isn't, well, let's just say he will be.