Thursday, February 16, 2006

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What is interesting to me about this is that the same people who thought that it was perfectly reasonable to call French fries "freedom" fries are probably going to be the ones who think that this is the most ridiculous notion a group of people could muster.

I also find it interesting that an unflattering portrait of Mohammed in a cartoon is tantamount to blasphemy, while using his name in conjunction with a tasty treat is perfectly reasonable.

I suppose that the reaction of the Moslems would be similar to the reaction of Christian groups if a cartoon with Jesus lifting up his robes at at a playground showed up in the NY Times or Washington Post, except instead of burning things, Christians would spew vitriol on tv, and most everyone else in the country would make fun of them for not getting the joke.

It's all right. This is America. It's okay to make fun of Christians. But all other religions need to be treated with amazing grace and respect, as is evidenced by the apparent refusal to publish these cartoons in America.

The Daily Dump had a funny post about the cartoon and subsequent protests that is worthy of your consideration as well.

EDIT 03/09/06: Since the link no longer works, the news article was about how the Iranians had stopped calling Danishes "Danishes" and had started calling them "Roses of the Prophet Muhammed."

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