Friday, February 24, 2006

Two Things about my Office

Due to my humongous fear that I will be fired for not doing work on company time, if someone calls me on my cell phone at work and I decide that I need to take it, I walk over to a flight of stairs that people don't use very often due to the fact that to get to these stairs you have to walk past all eight elevators that our building to get to them as well as the fact that there is another set of stairs that most people sit much closer to. After walking to the stairs and talking there, I looked and realized that only one of the two exits from the stairwell required a swipe from my employee id badge to go through.

Now what's the point of that? Will anyone attempting to break in and mess up the place be that easily thwarted if they arbitrarily look at the door with the swiper first?

I can only hope that they are so easily distracted.

The other thing that I wanted to say was that we just received an email that said that the fire alarm systems were going to be shut down for a while to give them a chance to be repaired and that in the mean-time the floor "Emergency Response Team" members were told what to do.

I guess I'm not really pleased about this in that the last time we had a fire drill, our "Team" member knew maybe 30% of our names. Yeah, not even our full names, just a third of the letters. I became known as "Analy," a nickname which is not always the most appropriate.

Okay, not really. He really didn't know our names.

I hope I'm not listening to my ipod if there's a fire, because otherwise I will be left behind as is pictured in the, uh, picture below.

I guess I'll have to stay on the ball in checking for extreme heat fluctuations.

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