Monday, February 20, 2006

Not to be a fanboy, but...

I'm turning into a fanboy. The gf has taken up loving the television show Smallville, and I, therefore, have taken up loving the television show Smallville. Luckily, her roommate has purchased seasons 1-4, which means that we get to watch all of them. We are only on season two, but it's a pretty fun watch for the most part, except for the fact that I hate the main character. I have illustrated this thought below:

Seriously, Clark Kent is stuck in Smallville with two super attractive girls, and either one of them would take him in a heartbeat if only he'd grow some cajones.

See attached math problems.
1) + = FREAKING HOT!!!


I understand that later on in the series there is another young lady that could also be the object of his affection, and still he's a big doof of a losery loser boy, which is similar to any author of any blog who posts about something as trivial as this. See the next equation 3:

3) +blog+too much time=big doof of a losery loser boy.

In case anyone's still reading, it just makes me furious! Pick one of them! They're hot! You're Hot! Be hot together!

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Bryan, I've been watching that show for years now, and over all it great. You're going to be getting into a slump around season three, but four and five are amazing. -Staso

Kristanne said...

I aplauded when it looked like Lana was going to die a few episods ago. Nothing against Lana but at least they would both stop being stupid! Do love the show though.

Analyst Catalyst said...

UGH! I just got to the end of the second season where he runs off to Metropolis with the red stone and screws everything up. I hope he gets neither of them now! What a doof.