Wednesday, February 15, 2006

In Case Anyone's Counting

As I cannot find the picture that I'm thinking of, and must therefore either be crazy or confusing two different video games, I submit this picture from a different video game that would be my portrait should I win all of the money on either game show:

This is an especially opportune picture as my name is really Maude. It is also fortunate in that is has always been my dream, once rich beyond my wildest dreams (which is apparently to the tune of eleven grand), to purchase a large golden dollar sign and to stand upon it smiling with wads of money in my hands.

But seriously, for those of us who grew up playing this game (Monopoly) on Nintendo, Maude was a computer generated opponent who I always chose to play against because she was beautiful and I had no friends. While playing, I stuff stuff like, "You want my Park Place and Boardwalk for Baltic? Well, normally I wouldn't, but you've got a face I can trust. Just promise me free passage and a little kissie-poo, and it's all good."

Sadly, she often reneged on these deals, especially because there were no promises of free passage that you could actually transmit through the game system. I suppose it's pretty obvious that the kisses never came to fruition either.

Now that the game is old, however, and I am still in my (relative) youth, perhaps I can be the Harold to her Maude! Excellent!

p.s. If you get that last reference, good for you. It's mighty obscure, at least in my mind.

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