Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Humor in the Workplace

I was a little bit stressed out this morning due to the fact that I had all of these *generic job issues* to finish and no training wherewith to finish them all. I have talked to the boss since, and he seemed very understanding and very calm about the whole thing, so that cooled me off considerably.

However, in the apex of my strife this morning, as I walked past a co-worker, I asked him if he would take my pen and stab me in the eye. He responded, "Blue ink or black?" He then said something along the lines of "so the fun's starting for you too, huh?" This short conversation gave me a brief mood swing in towards happiness.

About an hour ago, that same co-worker came by my desk, and asked if I would kick him in the junk as he was also stressed. I responded, "But you don't even have a little Chinese ship."

Not really.

So, yeah, that co-worker's a pretty good guy, in my opinion, even if his last name sounds like it should be his first name and his first name sounds like it should be his last name. I will not give his real name, but it is basically the equivalent of somebody being named Ramirez Carl. Seriously, to you future parents out there, don't do this to your children if your last name could be a first name; it confuses the snot out of people who don't know you and get your emails.

I should also note a new development in regards to my post the other day about the fire alarms being turned off.

Today, I needed some help in a program that I use every day in my new job. (Read: I was just about to take my keyboard and smash my monitor, but the gf [who works with me] advised me just to request some help.) I emailed the proper group in our email program, and the man who is our floor leader called me from the ninth floor looking for me. This is substantial because his cubicle is TEN FEET AWAY FROM MINE on the same floor.

Well, I guess the bright side is that this happened before a fire, so he knows where I sit now. It still doesn't fill me with happiness though.


Anonymous said...

Ramirez Carl? I know him!


Paula said...

Why do parents think that naming kids like that is a good idea? Seriously, it is really annoying, and it makes everyone else looks stupid, because you are certain that everyone for some reason is calling him by his last name, because no reasonable parent would name their child Ramirez... I am convinced that this is a simple issue where the name was written backwards on the birth certificate and it stuck for some reason.