Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cadbury Cream Eggs

I have been enjoying the occasional one of these the last couple of weeks, but the more I eat them, the more I get to wondering who exactly decided it was a good idea to model a candy after an egg? I mean, obviously it's an Easter candy, and obviously the point of Easter is to celebrate one of the monumental occurrences in all of human history (a fictitious bunny who apparently lays eggs), but seriously, was it really a good idea to model this candy after an egg, with yolk and all? It was for this very reason that I couldn't stand this candy when I was a kid; the commercials on tv grossed me the freak out when they showed the inside looking just like an egg's insides. That's like modeling a candy after a cow fetus (Ooh! Or a reindeer fetus! I'm gonna make that candy and patent it in time for Christmas! I'll make a bundle!)

But now, I love them. Mmm...Delicious.

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Thany said...

Oh my gosh oh my speak of my obsession in life. An obsession that far surpasses all others like super cold milk, things with cheese and all foods potato.