Friday, March 24, 2006

The Super Bowl

This man, instead of reporting to jail on time, opted to go to a Super Bowl party, and, because of this, got his prison sentence increased by four and a half years. He says that even knowing what he knows now (i.e. that he would be regarding by most of the western world as a moron), he would have made the same decision.

Four and a half years of your life gone so that you can see your brother in the Super Bowl? Now me, for example, I really like football, my brother's in the NFL, and I am also soon to be bunk-mates with a three hundred pound man named Mookie (well, at least the first one on the list), but I don't think that I could make the trade-off. The dumb thing is that he was sentenced to time because of driving with an expired license. It just doesn't make economic sense; if he was going to go away for six consecutive life sentences, fine, it doesn't matter if they add four and a half years. It's like when you need two hundred bucks in cash for an expense that you have to pay right away, but you only have thirty in your savings account. You know that your bank will cover your overdraft, but they're going to charge you twenty-five bucks for the privilege. That kind of makes sense if you are in some kind of emergency, but what he did was like being in the same situation, and the bank saying that they'll do it, but they're going to kick you in the junk repeatedly for your efforts. I'm just sayin', that's not a good trade-off.

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