Thursday, March 30, 2006

Merchant Account

The company that I work for sends out a newsletter periodically with updates for our business. Part of this newsletter is a classified page, where people from our company can sell stuff, look for someone to carpool with, or other things of that nature.

I was browsing this today, and I came across this ad:

Watercolor painting by Sample. Approximately 38 x 26 inches, frame approximately 45 x 32 inches. $50.00 Contact Silly Person-- sillyperson at

Really? You really thought that the artist's name was sample? You believed this so much that you put it on the company website? Did you miss the day in grade school where they were teaching you to think in context?

While we are on the subject of online selling, and even though I know that it is asinine to talk about your other online experiences online, I recently signed up for a merchant account with ebay.

I think it's funny that they call them merchant accounts; the word feels so twelfth century. It seems that, with a merchant account, I should be selling racks of lamb, racks for holding alchemists potions, and the rack. Maybe I'll have my next item that I sell Olde Englishe themed. I'll make the title, "Who needs a rack!" Actually, I'd better not title it that; that will only leave the most likely viewers frustrated.

I currently have one item on there, and it's currently going for a little over eleven bucks, which isn't a whole lot, but I got it for free, so anything I make is like icing on a delicious cake of money.
Oh! I am also in the process of selling a dorm fridge on Craigslist. I am an online selling genius! Who needs the train full of money that I referenced in the last post? Soon I will be rich from selling second hand crap! It's beautiful, really, in a sad, pathetic, lonely little way.


Thany said...

I want that e-mail address: sillperson at yahoo dot com-it makes me laugh.

Analyst Catalyst said...

Someone's probably got it by now, and by now, I mean since I wrote that post because I'm an insanely popular internet celebrity.

Also, I hear that you are in a show too. How's that going?