Thursday, March 30, 2006

Google and Adsense

Those bums on the floor above mine deal with more volatile issues than I do on a day to day basis, and so they have several televisions upstairs that always have the news on. As I walked by, they were saying that the stock price for Google would likely go up to $480 per share in a year's time.

Now for someone like me who has little investing acumen, this seems tremendous. For some reason, up until a couple months ago, I was under the impression that stocks got up to about ninety bucks or so, and then the company split the stocks to keep prices relatively low so that people could invest. I guess google doesn't want to do this. I suspect all of the people who are making money with Adsense are also the same people who have these stocks, and they are quite happy to light up their cigars with hundred dollar bills.

Good for them. Now if only there were some way for me to get stocks without actually buying them...I guess my only available option is some sort of train robbery, as they are making money by the train-full. Therefore, all I will need to do is find this train, and then get on board and take it. I wonder if it's the train that goes through down town...

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