Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Because I think it's funny

Here is a copy of the check that I won from the Minnesota state lottery when I was in the airport on a layover. I really like that it has a duck on it.

So, to all you people who say that you never win anything gambling, here is proof to the contrary. I got this on the first scratcher that I purchased in the airport, and when I won, I hurriedly went to buy another.

Did I win with that one, you ask?

Well, children, let's just say that I'm square with the great state of Minnesota.


Anonymous said...

Why are you in Minnesota?

Analyst Catalyst said...

I was where we had to stop to go to North Dakota for the gf's brother's wedding. The check is a couple months old; mostly I think it's funny because it's for two dollars. And the ducks...that's funny too.

Anonymous said...

Ducks are pretty funny.

kristanne said...

the ducks would probably think you were pretty funny on a check too. so there.