Friday, March 10, 2006

Statistics Again

For those of you who remember, I wrote a while back that I thought that it was awesome that I was not yet signed up for monitoring of what I did at my job. Well, I am now signed up for tracking of what work I do.

What's interesting to me about it is the fact that I now get four emails a day that tell me what work I did on the previous day; four emails, that is, that are exactly the same in every regard down to the fact that they are all marked urgent.

So, not only are they telling me what I've already done, they are marking the reporting of work that I've already done urgent.

It seems to me that the work I haven't done would be more urgent, but I guess I'm wrong. I'll have to de-prioritize my current priorities and re-prioritize my old ones. Good to know.

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:: mandy :: said...

White, I simply am beside myself. There is me, and then there is me next to me, on account of your not posting recently. I actually resorted to reading some of Mitch Hedberg's quotes, which really only made my situation worse as I then wanted to hear him at work but knew that simply wouldn't do.

What is a person to do?