Saturday, March 25, 2006

Something I Think We All Can Agree On

Why is it that some people put toilet paper into the holder facing away from the user? Are there people who really prefer it that way? And once they have seen what they have done, why do they leave it that way? Is it that much more effort to correct it right then and there?

I guess that these people at least are trying, as opposed to those who will go in, see that the roll is empty, bring a new roll in, and set it on the cardboard of the old roll.


:: mandy :: said...

My roommate (the one I share a bathroom with) is of the latter group. However, in her defense, I should mention that she never, ever rests the new roll on the cardboard of the old; she always sets it on top of the back of the toilet.

To round out this comment, I need to tell you that my reaction is always the same. Whichever part of me is the teacher immediately kicks in when I see the empty roll. I just want to help her learn by NOT putting it on myself. And then I remember with chagrin that the greatest commandment does not include teaching others but loving them.

So I always put it on.

Analyst Catalyst said...

That's a good analysis. I find myself less irritated and more confused at the situation, and then I tend to fix it myself too.

Also, you should see the movie "Millions". We rented it over the weekend, and we enjoyed it thoroughly. It's about a little boy who converses with saints and finds a great deal of money.

batty said...
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batty said...

Which way is the right way? This has been debated for many years by many people...perhaps this is what you want- a good debate. I remember Ann Landers was flooded with mail on this topic. Arguments were made from both sides and both made sense. In the end it was decided that paper dispensing is up to the user OR if one had printed paper with one good side, then the good side should be visible...

As for replacing an is about manners, the ability to focus and to multi-task. If they put empty cartons in the fridge, they won't change the roll.

Analyst Catalyst said...

I totally misread the last sentence of your comment as "If they put the new roll on the fridge, that's not going to roll."

Hmm...I had no idea that this idea had created so much stress in the world of syndicated columns. Perhaps I will have to give it more thought.