Tuesday, March 21, 2006

One of My Latest Addictions

I love Jeopardy for PS2. It had me at hello from Costco when I saw that it was in a three pack with Wheel of Fortune and Myst III (Not that I really care about Myst III; if I want to play a game where I randomly press buttons to win, I'll tease the gf a bit! Oh! Zinger!).

Now I know that there are those of you out there who will say that Jeopardy on PS2 is a grave waste for a system that has the capacity to do so much more, and I will agree with this assessment. What's funny about this game is that there are video clips of Alex Trebeck every once in a while, and they just come out of nowhere. What's also funny is that he is, apparently terrible at learning lines. It'll be something like, "You chose the square with the daily double...(pause that makes you sit forward in your chair in anticipation of something, anything, but nothing comes, until finally) How much would you like to wager?" You just want to slap him and say, "Hey Frenchie, spit it out!"

What I will say about it in its favor is that I have played it fairly consistently for a couple of weeks now, and I haven't seen any of the same answers twice. In that much, at least, the disc does pretty well.

In looking at the case just now, I noticed that the company that programmed the game was Atari. Oh Atari how far have you fallen? You were one of the first in game-playing technology; why do you know produce awkward games for very niche audiences? I wonder if they are still trying to recoup losses from their failed game system, Jaguar. Based on the prices in that last link, it was either more popular than I thought, or else it has become something of a collectable.

To continue this post in the disjointed fashion it has become accustomed, did anybody else play Kaboom! for the old Atari system? Man, I love that game.

In any case, I rule at the Jeopardy home game, and if anybody would like to challenge me, I say bring it on! I recently played a game where my final score was just shy of $70,000, which is pretty awesome until you realize that it's actually pretty lame that I'm posting about the nerd video games that I play. Oh well. I already have the gf; who else do I have to impress? I can just hear her now, "Oh baby, you're the smartest; I can't imagine anyone else being as smart as you are. Come give me kisses!" All right.

It should be noted that after I read that last paragraph to the gf, she responded with, "Oh whatever; I can see that your blog has come to telling unsubstantiated stories now." That's funny that she thinks it's just the blog.


keithgrant said...

You're on, AC! It's time for a battle that will sound through the ages!

It's sort of a shame we don't live closer, though. :/

Analyst Catalyst said...

That is certainly true, Mr. Grant. Man, I haven't heard from you in ages; how are things?

Analyst Catalyst said...

Also, it is hilarious that your blogspot space is the website name that I always figured would haunt me.

Luckily no one has that picture...