Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Gym

My personal trainer that I was finally able to procure from the gym kicks my butt, and by that I mean that he kicks my butt in a way that if Mr. T kicked my butt in that way, he would pity the fool, with either myself or the butt being the fool in this case. I met with him two days ago, and expected to get the run-around again, but instead was met with, "Hey, let's go measure you and go start working out," which was pretty awesome considering that I was expecting, "Uhm, yeah, you're gonna have to go back to the other gym and talk to them, because it's much too difficult for me to help you with my head currently stuck all the way up my own posterior." Had this been what would have occurred, I would have had to have gone nucular (spelled incorrectly to emphasize the sheer pig ignorance of me exploding at someone for something that they hadn't even been involved with up to that point).

But anyways, my body is sore, and my legs are especially sore, which gives me a noticable swagger to my step. Now, while this may have been appropriate and even encouraged in the old west, I have to believe that it is not appropriate at in an office setting. I can only imagine the disparaging comments that are said around the office.

Aw! One of my co-workers stood up for me! Life isn't so bad after all!

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